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Segunda-feira, 21 de Novembro de 2011

Another Idea of Galicia

a conversation with

Migelanxo Murado

BBC Journalist, war correspondent and Galician language writer Migelanxo Murado has been invited by Couto Mixto Bruxelas ASBL , the Brussels  Galician cultural society in Brussels, for an exchange about what is Galicia, that often forgotten corner in the North West of Iberia between Spain and Portugal, sharing many things with either land while being a country, language and a reality in itself. He will be joined in the conversation by this years’ winner of the Xerais Literary Prize [the most important fiction book award in Galician language], novelist, Brussels expart, eurocrat and citizen of the Republic of the Letters Xabier Queipo as well as journalist and Couto Mixto Chairwoman Ana Fontal.

Miguel-Anxo Murado is a Galician writer and journalist. As a writer he has authored over twenty books of fiction and non-fiction, the latest of which is "Another Idea of Galicia". As a journalist he has covered the wars of Balkans and the Second Palestinian Intifada. A former correspondent in Jerusalem for a number of years, currently he is a political analyst on International Affairs at Spain's Cadena SER radio and a regular contributor to the BBC and The Guardian on Spanish affairs.

Couto Mixto ASBL, a cultural association made up by young Galician expats living inBrusselswhose main purpose is the promotion of the Galician Culture inEurope’s capital. We invite anyone interested learning about this and sharing experiences about cultural diversity inEuropeto join us in a friendly discussion.

Admission is free. The conference will be held in English. Please confirm attendance by writing to coutomixtobruxelas@gmail.com


23rd November 2011, Wednesday, at 6.30pm

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